The Energy Barometer

Owning or occupying a green building by design is merely the initial step to contributing to the environment. Buildings are only 'green' if managed correctly and operational benchmarking can assist with that assurance.

As market leaders in performance visualisation and optimising energy use, Energy Cybernetics has developed the Energy Barometer, a tool to compare the energy consumption of buildings within a portfolio against each other on an 'apples-to-apples' basis. The Energy Barometer is a non-intrusive and cost-effective process to determine the stance of a client's energy consumption in relation to the market. Hotels, hospitals, office buildings, bank branches, motor car dealerships, etc have all used benchmarking successfully in determining which buildings within a portfolio will deliver the most savings. This assists in strategically determining where to start with energy management and energy efficiency initiatives.

Benchmarking is recommended on an annual basis utilising the monthly utility bills of each building and entering the information into the Energy Barometer tool. Information like climatic conditions, utilisation, size, etc is required for this entry as well. The Energy Barometer processes the information and delivers a comprehensive report on where each building in a portfolio ranks against the others, making recommendations on where to start with and energy efficiency and energy management plan.