PowerWatch and WaterWatch

Energy Cybernetics developed PowerWatch™, a performance evaluation and visualisation product to evaluate and manage the performance of energy systems in real-time. PowerWatch has evolved into WaterWatch to monitor and track water consumption. The PowerWatch platform can also monitor the performance or consumption of virtually any other measured variable, e.g. gas consumption, temperatures, flows and so forth.

These locally developed tools, based on the PowerWatch platform, offers superior data management and analysis capabilities:

  • The PowerWatch platform delivers energy consumption information and trends in an easy to understand format to a web front-end. Any person in an organisation can have immediate access to this information which supports awareness and could lead to behaviour changes in the organisation.
  • A PowerWatch user can verify that the consumption and costs on municipal accounts are correctly billed in accordance with the organisation's independently measured consumption and an independent cost calculation using the correct tariff.
  • PowerWatch tools provide insight into the relationships between business activities and operating practices and the resulting energy and water consumption and cost.
  • PowerWatch helps users to optimise or modify operational practices to reduce energy, water and air bills.
  • Low-cost demand response programs can be implemented with PowerWatch. The system can be configured to send real-time alerts to specific people. For example when the demand on an HVAC plant exceeds a certain threshold, the facility manager can receive a message that enables preventative action to avoid excessive demand charges.
  • PowerWatch users can set up energy budgets on the PowerWatch system and track the actual consumption relative to this budget – pro-active management of actual consumption relative to budgeted consumption will result in real and quantifiable savings.
  • The PowerWatch platform is meter agnostic and can be commissioned with any electronic power meter. The most commonly used metering brands are Elster, Landis & Gyr and Schneider.
  • PowerWatch is able to monitor any other metering device, e.g. water consumption (WaterWatch). Other examples of metering devices that can be included in the PowerWatch system are temperature, pressure and humidity sensors, etc.
  • PowerWatch delivers emissions reports for your grid-supplied electricity consumption. This emissions report shows CO2, NOx, SOx, water, particulates and ash based on the conversion factors published by Eskom.
  • PowerWatch supports accreditation towards ISO 50001.PowerWatch, when it has been deployed on an appropriate number of sub-meters, provides detailed energy consumption profiles on actual energy consumption, at which times, and in which area of the plant or business.
  • PowerWatch can be integrated easily with existing intranet or content management systems – this helps to make energy consumption visible and provides further support for energy awareness throughout the organisation.

Using the PowerWatch solution has supplementary benefits:

  • PowerWatch is offered as a hosted solution, which means that the there are no hidden costs.
  • PowerWatch can be deployed with a zero IT footprint – all a client needs to access consumption data is an internet connection and a browser.
  • PowerWatch can also be deployed on a customer's LAN, provided that metering devices are connected to the network.
  • Energy Cybernetics provides a Help Desk service where PowerWatch users can log queries and assign action to solve problems experienced.
  • Onsite support service with quick turnaround time.
  • End-user training is offered on request.
  • Annual meter calibration is available on request.
  • The PowerWatch service can be enhanced with energy saving opportunity assessments by Energy Cybernetics' highly experienced energy management team.