No-Risk Renewable Power Supply

Energy Cybernetics’ holistic approach to energy management guarantees energy savings. The optimal use of energy justifies it to be followed by installing renewable energy to supplement its energy requirements from a renewable source and reap the associated benefits:

  • Reduced energy use from the national grid
  • Reduced carbon emissions therefore less future carbon taxes
  • Less impact on the bottom line due to exorbitant electricity increases
  • Using green energy shows commitment to the environment as boasts well for public image

These benefits, and the use of renewable power sources, were seen by Energy Cybernetics as the next step for its clients to become even more energy efficient. Therefore, in 2013 Energy Cybernetics established SunCybernetics, a 50/50 partnership formed between the German company, SunFarming. SunCybernetics is the combination of German quality, know-how, and extensive renewable energy project experience with local energy management expertise. This powerful team is able to offer competitively priced, world-leading solar PV solutions typically ranging in size between 200kW up to around 1 MW directly to customers.

In fact SunCybernetics has gone so far as offering green electricity with none of the associated risks which holds a number of benefits: No requirement for capital outlay – no capex

  • No impact on any of the client's existing lines of credit
  • The system need NOT be capitalized in the balance sheet and depreciated – no tax implication
  • Benefit from PR associated with using clean, renewable energy
  • Reliability, maintenance or any other system-related issues are taken care of by SunCybernetics
  • A modular system that can be extended at any point in time
  • Reduce generator fuel consumption during periods where the municipal/utility power system is interrupted