Measurement and Verification

Since the inception of the Eskom DSM programmes, Energy Cybernetics has been an active driving force in the development of the Measurement and Verification (M&V) industry in South Africa through various activities:

  • Developing the Eskom M&V framework document.
  • Taking an active role in the (original) M&V Steering committee responsible for defining the Eskom M&V process.
  • Setting up the NWU university M&V team.
  • Active involvement in the M&V of many projects over the years.
  • Training M&V professionals under the US-based Association for Energy Engineers (AEE) CMVP programme.
  • Serving as chairman of SABS TC 242 WG1 to develop a National M&V standard for the country.
  • Serving as chairman/convener of ISO TC 242 JWG3 to develop the first ever International (ISO) M&V Standard.
  • Providing resources and infrastructure to set up a locally controlled council for M&V professionals in the form of the Council for Measurement and Verification Professionals of South Africa (CMVPSA).

In January 2012 the Energy Cybernetics board took a decision to conduct future M&V business in a separate company, this company is called Veritek.

There are several good business reasons for taking this decision – some of which are listed below:

  • M&V continues to play an ever-increasing role in energy management, especially in the light of SANAS accreditation and tax incentives.
  • The National Government of South Africa is expected to publish a regulation regarding tax incentives for companies who achieve energy efficiency savings. These tax incentives will only apply to savings that have been established by independent, SANAS accredited, third-party verification agency.
  • SANAS has developed an accreditation process for M&V bodies. One of the criteria for M&V bodies is third-party independence.

Energy Cybernetics, and now Veritek, has been, for the past nine years and still are, contracted to the North-West University (NWU), Potchefstroom Campus to assist their M&V Team with the M&V of the Eskom DSM Programme.

Visit the Veritek website for more information on M&V and what it can mean for your organisation.