ISO 50001 Status Quo Energy Assessments

Energy Cybernetics assesses your energy management system in line with the international standard for Energy Management Systems – ISO 50001:2011. The assessment will provide the client with potential areas for improvement of the Energy Management System.

The assessment is an evidence-based, on-site non-intrusive process of a client's energy management as it is at the time of assessment. All aspects as stipulated in the ISO50001:2001 standard are evaluated and potential areas for improvement towards meeting the requirements of the standard are highlighted:

  • An overview of compliance
  • Energy policy
  • Management responsibilities
  • Management review
  • Energy review
  • Energy planning
  • Energy baseline
  • Energy performance indicators
  • Energy objectives, targets and action plans
  • Implementation, operation and operational controls
  • Competence training, awareness and communication
  • Monitoring, measuring, analysis, checking
  • Internal audits of the energy management system
  • Documentation, control of records and standard operating procedures
  • Legal requirements

The energy management system status quo assessment is not only beneficial if striving towards ISO certification, but the full report delivered provides a clear path ahead to assist with bringing the energy management system in line with ISO 50001. More importantly, should the recommendations be fully implemented it will guarantee further energy savings.

Multinationals, and companies that currently have ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 18001 will find it integrates with current systems, and specifically delivers the best benefits when an organisation has an energy account of R100,000-00 pm or more.

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