Eskom ESCO

Energy Cybernetics is an Eskom registered Energy Service Company (ESCO). ESCOs operate by establishing a three-way partnership between themselves, Eskom and the customer, and use their knowledge of DSM technologies and programmes to determine the best way of obtaining results at customer premises.

These organisations are viewed by Eskom as experts within targeted vertical markets, capable of identifying opportunities for achieving reductions in electricity consumption, and scoping and executing such projects.

Energy Cybernetics has the advantage of being involved with Eskom DSM programmes since its inception through activities such as:

  • Developing the Eskom M&V framework document.
  • Taking an active role in the (original) M&V Steering committee responsible for defining the Eskom M&V process.
  • Setting up the NWU university M&V team.
  • Active involvement in the M&V of many projects over the years.

In 2012, Energy Cybernetics decided to step away completely from M&V. All Eskom M&V work that used to be done by Energy Cybernetics, is now done by Veritek through North West University. This separation between ESCO work and M&V enabled Energy Cybernetics to focus on ESCO projects.

Using Energy Cybernetics gives the client an advantage of using an ESCO that is fully appraised of the Eskom DSM programme.