Energy Policies and Plans

An energy policy should not be a complicated document, however, without a clear energy policy and associated goals, any attempt at energy attempt at energy management can be likened to a rambling road trip – there is no telling where your journey will lead. Your energy policy is an essential tool (a road map if you like) to help align the whole organisation with regard to energy usage and the road ahead.

An effective energy policy drawn up in accordance with international best practice will ensure (amongst other things);

  • Commitment from all levels in the organisation to achieve energy goals;
  • Effective communication regarding energy objectives, policy and initiatives;
  • Benefits of energy projects are sustained irrespective of personnel movement;
  • Regular reviews of energy objectives and energy targets in the organisation;
  • Proper delegation of energy management responsibilities; and
  • Primed position to receive ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems certification, if required.

Energy Cybernetics is actively involved in working committees at SABS and ISO and can assist with the development and implementation of energy policies and strategies.