Energy Efficiency Compliance Certification

The electricity supply grid in South Africa is under considerable strain and will continue to be under strain for the next couple of years. As a result it has become a requirement to submit an Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificate (EECC) for new connections (or extensions to existing connections) exceeding 1 MVA.

All applicants for an electricity supply under these arrangements must submit to the distributor an Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificate (EECC) provided by an Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) Registered Professional Engineer (Pr.Eng)or a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), accredited by the US-based Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) through its local chapter The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE), or other independent authorities that may from time to time be approved by the Distributor.

On receipt of the EECC, which will be accepted as satisfactory proof of compliance, the distributor will connect and energise the supply. Should minor refinements be necessary to energy efficiency elements of the application then the distributor will require that these be attended to within a reasonable time-period after connection.

Energy Cybernetics assists organisations in meeting the requirements of EECC. Our team of qualified energy engineers will evaluate your site and will help you identify the steps required. Once you meet the requirements, we will issue you with the certificate enabling you to obtain the supply.