Energy Accounting and Financials

Energy Cybernetics developed and provides a fully-fledged Energy Accounting System. This system takes readings from various sources like meters, meter reading log books, load profile information, and PowerWatch™ (to name a few) and presents the user with a fully configurable physical and/or virtual network.

The user can define consumption points, can combine various consumption points or is able to derive new consumption points from existing sources. Each consumption point can be linked to a unique tariff structure.

The user can define reconciliation points in order to monitor recoveries. The system can compare the revenue generated from a collection of consumption points (at given tariff rates) to the cost of supplying those consumption points from a bulk purchase point. Financial as well as energy and demand reconciliation is possible.

The system enables for example, a large industrial facility (or mine) to allocate costs to various departments or cost centres. Costs can be tracked against budgets; monthly invoicing becomes a simple affair. Detailed (automated) reporting on consumption and consumption trends are possible.

The outputs of the system can be linked to existing billing systems for example SAP.