Industry Development Responsibility

As one of the first companies in South Africa to enter the energy efficiency market in the 90's, Energy Cybernetics has been proactively involved in developing and growing the energy sector to the benefit of the country, the environment and the industry as a whole. The directors and staff of Energy Cybernetics represent the industry on various SABS and ISO committees, locally and internationally, as well as on the African continent. They present papers, support exhibitions, conferences and associations, provide training and international Certification to their own competitors, have assisted financially and through infrastructure provision to develop controlling bodies, as well as provide statistical data through benchmarking of buildings in the country through its locally developed Energy Barometer tool.

Energy Cybernetics is proud of its achievements, and is recognised country-wide by earnest stakeholders as pioneers within the energy industry as a company that has contributed selflessly in the interests of developing the energy industry in all aspects.

The National Energy Barometer Survey

The National Energy Barometer Survey is a FREE national benchmarking service to create an awareness of energy consumption levels and the emissions footprint for building facilities, by building an accurate comparison database so that each building owner can track performance over time and to compare consumption against others in the same industry.

The Energy Barometer is a tool which is used to conduct the annual survey and was locally developed by Energy Cybernetics. The National Energy Barometer Survey is administered by Energy Cybernetics and is supported by SANEDI, CEF and the NEEA.

The Utility Year 2012 is the 4th consecutive year that Energy Cybernetics will be providing the National Energy Barometer Survey service to the country as part of assisting in the development of the energy efficiency industry.

The Energy Training Foundation (EnTF)

The Energy Training Foundation (ETF) was founded in 1998, borne from the foresight of the directors of Energy Cybernetics whom identified the need to develop skills in energy management which inevitably the country would require so that energy efficiency and its standards, practices and policies could be implemented in all sectors. As early as 1994, the late Prof Ian Lane, who was one of the founding directors of Energy Cybernetics, published a paper predicting the existing energy challenges and shortages that we currently experience.

During May 2001 Energy Cybernetics hosted a trade mission of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) from the USA to Southern Africa. One of the outcomes of the trade mission was an agreement between the AEE and the ETF to present the AEE certification energy management courses in Southern Africa. The first Certified Energy Management (CEM) training was done in February 2002. The ETF obtained the rights to present the CEM, Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) courses and programmes in Southern Africa, that is all countries south of the equator including Kenya.

Until 2013 almost 2 000 persons have been trained in these international programmes. Customised training has been provided as well as introductory training courses and training on the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

The ETF manages the logistics and is committed to maintain the AEE training rights to the benefit of South African energy skills development. The EnTF is in effect training its competitors to contribute to the sustainable development of the energy sector in the country.

The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE)

It was evident that there was a lack of knowledge in the country on energy efficiency and demand side management. Energy Cybernetics with the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) as its training division took on the obligation to create awareness, and to provide a platform for information sharing and networking for the country by establishing the Southern African Association of Energy Efficiency (SAEE). The SAEE also became a chapter of the AEE.

The Council for Measurement and Verification Professionals of South Africa (CMVPSA)

M&V is a requirement for standards, regulations and incentives, to substantiate energy savings claims. As the need for an independent body that could regulate individuals operating within the realm of Measurement and Verification (M&V) in the country came about the Council of Measurement and Verification Professionals of South Africa (CMVPSA) was established as a chapter of the SAEE.

Energy Cybernetics provided some of the resources and administration infrastructure for the CMVPSA to ensure the successful development of the Council so that regulatory bodies have credibly qualified and certified individuals to their disposal to facilitate the successful implementation of any governmental or other incentives, and national and international standards.

Providing financial and infrastructure to develop the energy industry

As founder members of the SAEE, CMVPSA and ETF, Energy Cybernetics was responsible for financing most of the initiatives so that the awareness creation could commence and structures could be in place for the whole energy industry to leverage from, which is what has contributed to the growth of the energy industry thus far. For over 10 years Energy Cybernetics significantly sponsored the existence of the SAEE and its initiatives by financial means and the provision of experiential knowledge through representation on management level to ensure the successful continuance to the benefit of the country.

Representation on various local and international committees:

Directors and staff of Energy Cybernetics are well-informed and represented at various local and international committees:

  • ISO TC 242
  • ISO TC 242 Chairman's advisory group
  • ISO TC 257
  • Convener JWG3 between TC 242 and TC 257
  • SABS TC 242 & 257
  • SANAS STC for M&V
  • Member of EVO's Technical Committeee for IPMVP
  • Board member of International Certification Committee of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Atlanta, USA
  • Immediate Past-President of the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE)