Goals and Objectives

Our slogan: We EMPOWER you
  Everything we do, we believe, empowers our clients to save energy and energy-related costs.
Core service: We take care of the peripheral activities pertaining to energy, gas, temperature, water and carbon whilst our clients focus on their core business.

Our activities deliver on our goals and objectives

All our activities are energy, gas, carbon and water related for: audits, strategies, company policies, plans, internationally and locally accredited training, Certification services for energy engineers to international requirements, standards compliance and gap analysis, energy management system compliance implementation, project management, consultation, bill verification, visualisation, metering, maximum demand control, monitoring, tracking, carbon reduction, carbon footprinting for financial reporting, benchmarking, data acquisition and analysis, energy condition alerts, energy dashboard solutions, financial analysis of energy management incentives and options, energy accounting and cost allocation, DSM funding facilitation and tax incentive conformance.