Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Energy Cybernetics supports various charities through donations towards assisting with poverty alleviation and enhancing sustainable living for previously disadvantaged communities.

Oliver's House Education Centre

Oliver's House Education Centre manages large feeding programs, a children's care centre, an education centre and a computer training centre. Services are extended to as many disadvantaged communities as possible.

Holding Hands through LIFEPLAN® Programme

The Holding Hands through LIFEPLAN programme, women are taught skills to ensure a sustainable they can earn a sustainable income, resulting in poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihoods for the families concerned. Sustainability through skill transfer is the goal of the programme.

Community Provision and Social Services (COMPASS)

COMPASS looks after the emotional, physical and spiritual upliftment of the poor, homeless, unemployed and uneducated that desperately try to survive within the socio-economic structures of the world. Energy Cybernetics has sponsored towards this cause.

Iba-Umngani – Be A Friend

Energy Cybernetics sponsored towards the Comfort Kits Project of Iba-Umngani. Iba-Umngani supports children that are victims of rape, abuse, neglect and abandonment countrywide, as well as helping the Child Protection Units of the SA Police.

Angel Wings Care Centre

Angel Wings Care Centre care and cater for disabled persons, abused woman, children and men, single parents with children, single women and men who fell in life through circumstances, and pensioners who do not want to be a burden on families.

SA Medical and Education Foundation

The SA Medical and Education Foundation has a contractual agreement with the Provincial Health Department of the Western Cape, Free State and Gauteng. It helps fulfil their priority list of critical needs by getting corporate companies to steer their CSI funding into different areas of Health, namely: ARV/TB infrastructure and medical equipment. The role played is an interim measure until necessary funding is secured for bricks and mortar buildings.