B-BBEE Level

Energy Cybernetics (Pty) Ltd is proud to have been assessed and verified as a Level 3 rated contributor to B-BBEE in accordance with the Codes of Good Practice on BEE issued under Section 9 (1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act No 53 of 2003 on 9 February 2007 for the year 2013/14.

When procuring from a Level 3 company, customers may claim 110% of their spend to gain points on their B-BBEE scorecard. Value-adding enterprises allow for an additional 125% of value added on to the recognition of spend. Thus the total recognition for procuring from Energy Cybernetics amounts to 137.5% of the total spend. This means that for every R100 that is spent at Energy Cybernetics, the customer may claim a spend of R137.50 for preferential procurement.

In effect receiving a 137.5% recognition of your preferential procurement amount with Energy Cybernetics may be more advantageous than procuring your services from a Level 1 enterprise as a Level 1 rating is not value adding