About Energy Cybernetics

Energy Cybernetics is a leading energy optimisation engineering company that delivers turnkey energy services and projects based on a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of an organisation and the industry it operates within. The company has developed a wealth of skills in applying a holistic approach to energy, gas and water resource management that virtually guarantees measureable and verifiable returns on investment and continuous reduction in the use of energy.

For over 15 years Energy Cybernetics has assisted clients in realising continually optimised energy, water and gas use in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants within the aluminium, chemical, mining, food and beverage, hospital, shopping centre, hospitality, commercial building, cellular communications, and power generation industries in South Africa, United States, Australia, Botswana, Kenya, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe where well over 200 industrial and commercial energy audits have been conducted and over 220 Measurement and Verification (M&V), as well as monitoring and evaluation projects, have been successfully concluded.

Energy optimisation goes beyond the installation of energy efficient technologies like energy efficient lights, or motion sensors, etc. Just like any other form of management, energy optimisation is an ongoing process — it needs continuous human support and attention. Energy Cybernetics is one of the leading companies in the country that understands this concept thoroughly.

The benefits of a holistic approach to resource management could include lower energy bills, independently verified savings for tax incentives, compliance with environmental requirements and various national and international standards, improved production processes, reduced maintenance expenses, and ensuring that all investments made into new equipment and projects deliver the expected performance and savings.